Gregg, I also listen to you on KXT in Dallas! I love the alternative music you play. Artists I would never had heard if I hadn't found you and KXT! Thanks for all of the tunes! Esp the Native/First Peoples music! -- Drucilda

Wow, I can't believe I am listening live. This radio station rocks. it made my trip to Northern Arizona last month really special. thanks -- Janice

love your jams makes me want to work ALL night! -- Norm

Great program. Look forward to it every evening. -- Jess

Can't beat UC, listen while at my desk doing paperwork. Time disapears as does the work --Doug

what a great bunch of music I’m hearing, how do you do it! Fist full of Mercy, Hot Tuna (water song no less♥ )& then Joni Mitchell and now worry too much by Buddy Miller! ya just keep playin all the tunes I LOVE!!! God Blesss your radiant soul! -- Patti

Where else can you hear John Trudell > Johnny Cash > John Lee Hooker > John Lennon > Dr. John? Nowhere, people, no where. Thanks Undercurrents for reminding where today came from and where it is heading! -- Richard

Under Currents Radio is like listening to my iPod, without having to do anything! -- Michael

Keep up the good work!  I need my audio nutrition! -- Michael

Your show deserves any glowing words I can send. It's intelligent, diverse, and far enough off of top 40 and into B-sides and other obscurities to make it stimulating and filled with surprises. Thank you for bringing it to the airwaves. -- Eric

Great lineup tonight. I've given up TV, given up reading. Stay up all night waiting to see what the next song will be. THANKS Gregg! -- Gwen

Searching the late late night radio for SOMETHING to listen to and found this program. Extreme radio. Working on the night shift offers very few perks. This is definitely one. Meguich.


just want to say ya get me up in the morning. 430 am, only catch a half hour but its the best wake up call! thanks Gregg!


Remarkable show tonight. i listened for hours and never changed the station.


I live in Flagstaff, and this is aired on a public radio station from outside the city - our public radio station plays classical all the time - I really enjoy listening and I don't think I have heard the same song twice, yet. Really refreshing compared to most commercial radio - while driving around Phoenix, I discovered 8 hours of listening means hearing the SAME song six times! Not with UnderCurrents. I adore the mixed genres, too.


Four days and I'm still pinching myself in disbelief... loving Undercurrents every day on KXT!


Completely suits the ways in which I think. I'm finally home! *big wet sloppy kiss*


You play~I listen! On KSMF Ashland, OR in the "Mythical State of Jefferson."


My 1st visit to UnderCurrents Radio, however it will certainly no be my last. What a great program of music we all appreciate. Thanks again, Jeff Public Radio for a great program choice. It's why I keep supporting the station and encourage all to do the same. Dave CP

Two weeks ago while traveling from Monument Valley to Phoenix, I was fortunate to discover Undercurrents.  I live in New York where we have a few fantastic radio stations but what I heard playing on the airwaves was a wonderful eclectic mix of tunes that just blew me away.  At one point I pulled over to write down the internet address so that my free time at home could be filled with this new sound.   Love Sunday mornings with Gregg's programming.  Of course, having such a jewel means making a commitment to its preservation so today I made my first donation to support this great station.

Keep it coming


albany, ny     

Gregg replies:  You were the very first to visit the Support page and break-in our PayPal link.  It worked great. Thank you David!


I just discovered UnderCurrents by accident and good fortune. Wow.

Your music is full of meaning and heart and humanity - THANK YOU so much. As I listen, I re-member a self that I didn't know was lost. Truly, your music is helping bring me back to life.

Now I feel as though I'm a starving person with a beautiful banquet, prepared with loving hands, spread before me.

With deep appreciation and peace,


Hello Gregg,

I am one of your fans, I work 3rd shift and listen to your show in the early morning hours on WOJB FM here in northern wisconsin, and think it is the greatest, you have a special talent for it.

Best Regards,


A Gulch Radio listener wrote:

I find myself listening, really listening, and appreciating other genre of music that I would not usually listen to.  And it changes.  After all, variety is the spice of life.  Particularly with Gregg McVicar.  Really like his stuff, too."

Just a note to say i really loved hearing the song"One Horse Town" because i grew up in Texas.Please keep playing it.

Thank you,


Fulltime Yuman and radio lover.

I always like your show, but the last two hours have been exceptional! Sonny Landreth...and then Bruce Springsteen's great song about how can a poor man stand such times as this, the stones, rod stewart, and that weird japanese sounding stuff, You're outdoing yourself Gregg!

Thanks, Matt, Northern Arizona

Holy s**t -- what a great show!  It’s great man!

Charlie Hill / Comedian

Gregg wrote:  We love you too Charlie!  And hey folks, check out these links: Charlie on the Richard Pryor Show

And here he is recently on NPR:

Hey Gregg,

Trying to spread the word about UnderCurrents radio on Facebook. :)

Regards, Jennifer

We were taking a drive in our Jeep up around Posey Lake north of Escalante when we found your radio station. It was the only station that came in.  Here we are out in the wilderness of Utah when I hear this FLAMENCO song in play.  I couldn't believe it. First- I have never heard flamenco on the radio and second- I have been dancing flamenco for 2 years now in San Diego, Ca.  It was beautiful to  hear. I said to my husband "What kind of radio station is this....  I love it!!"  We continued to enjoy the variety of music as we drove through Hells Backbone/ Box Death Hollow Wilderness area.   I am a little obsessed with finding out the name of that FLAMENCO song since it is such a good memory for me.  ...I really enjoyed your station and was wondering if I can get it here in San Diego?  Thank you for all of your help.

Sincerely, Becky

Gregg wrote:  Thank you Becky.  I love Flamenco too and will never forget the Gitano dancers in Granada, Spain, in one of those nightclubs inside the white caves, just up the canyon from The Alhambra.  The women danced with such fire that their hair combs were flying out all over the stage.  We were moved to tears.

Just as a reminder, we’ stream everywhere via NV1 (and many of our affiliates).  Please help us spread the word in San Diego!  thanks, gm 

We listen to Gregg McVicar on KSER, always on Saturday mornings and sometimes lately on other days.  He has such an incredible program and we enjoy it so much.


Best wishes,

Pat and John Hollister

Arlington, WA

Thanks for your program.  Great stuff.

On that day, on KSER radio (in Everett, Washington),  I heard a song that sounds like it must be called “WHEN IN ROME (you’ve got to do what the Romans do)”. Male vocalist, sounding a bit “countrified.” PLEEEEEEESE – Tell me the name and artist (and CD???) from When in Rome.Thanks in advance


        >>> Roy -- that’s “When In Rome” by Tim O’Brien -- GM

I have stopped watching TV! Your music keeps me company. I never get bored. Thanks so much --  Sarah

Mr. McVicar, I’ve been enjoying Undercurrents on WUOW at our state college in town and really appreciate the playlist & your own very fine hosting.  You have a wonderful voice & way with talking to people you can’t see, but I imagine you imagine them well.


Well, keep the good work going.  I can’t thank you enough for bringing such music to the day & helping to restore my spirits when things aren’t quite as they should be.  -- Bob

Gregg replied:  But I can see you!  ;-) 

Driving home tonight had KOPB on the radio and thought "what the heck show is this?"...great music... every song the entire hour...not one clinker. Found you on the net and gotcha bookmarked...Thank you!! -- Tina

My o my.  You are playing such enjoyable and wonderful music tonite!   Thank you and gracias!  You got me with Monkey Man-Traveling Wilbury's. -- Judi

Dear Undercurrents:

Thank you again for your fine, fine music program. Besides the wonderful potpourri of music you offer, I appreciate the fact that there is much more music than talk.  Too many music programs are cluttered with interviews and/or long rambles by the host. I also appreciate your courage in playing songs with social justice themes along with those with "safer" lyrics.  Please consider the following suggestions to add to your already eclectic collection: Charlie King, Portuguese Fado - Amalia Rodrigues  or others, Joan Baez, Tracy Chapman, Roberta Flack, Arab - Mid-Eastern music, East European music. Thanks again for your good work -- Mary, Lander, Wyoming

Gregg, Every time I hear your show on the radio (I listen to it on OPB in Portland, OR) I'm thinking "Man, this is such good music and such an interesting mix. I've got to find out who's putting this on and get my CD to them." And then it's you again. So I finally looked you up. Thanks for your great shows -- Marco

Dear Gregg,

Your program just knocks my socks off. Fresh, spirited, contemporary - wow! I had pretty much given up on music programming on KOPB in Portland, Oregon. Now I seek out your program. My admiration and gratitude!   Peg & Ron

   Marco, Pet & Ron, Thanks for the nice words!  Our friends at OPB recently expanded their in-house programming staff, so UnderCurrents is off the air in many parts of Oregon.  If you think one of the the other stations in your area should be broadcasting UnderCurrents, be sure to let their program director know that you’re a fan. We miss you! Meanwhile, listen-in most anytime on the web via streaming -- Gregg

I love your eclectic and gutsy mix of music - can't find that anywhere

else!  Keep it up. -- Hanna, Jerome, AZ

Hi. I'm currently listening to your show on kuyi, hotevilla. It's really good... I'm putting off going to bed just so I can hear this music. -- Garrett

Comments From the Buddy Map....

Name: Summer Girls

Location: Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Comment: Undercurrents rocks with heart.  Thanks for all the great music!  :)

Name:  Samantha Kniskern

Location: Jefferson, NY

Comment: I really love your show.

Name: Tralfamador II

Location: City of Roses 97210

Comment: Now that Kurt Vonnegut’s gone, we are the poorer for it. Thank goodness the UnderCurrents programs are around to help keep us buoyed. Great work, Gregg, et al!

Name: mWhitt

Location: Thermopolis, WY

Comment: hau

Name: Dwayne

Location: East Palo Alto, CA

Comment: Osiyo!

Name: jim kalember

Location: Tuba City, AZ 86045

Comment: Keep up the good work!

Name: andrew

Location: greenwood, wi

Comment: universal soul

Name: Sparkystar

Location: Mt Angel, OR 97362

Comment: Bloodied but unbowed

Name: Bill & Kate Poss

Location: Langley, WA 98260

Comment: We discovered your show on KSER, Evertt, WA. We love the music and want to know how we might hear you more often.

Name: Sam

Location: St. Charles Missouri

Comment: Osiyo tohitsu

Name: Uncle Mick

Location: Tillamook, OR

Comment: Wonderful stuff! So glad I found you!

Name: Ruthie

Location: Salem, Oregon

Comment: Finally!  The most intelligent, fine, eclectic mix I've ever heard.  Big praise!

Name: Tom

Location: Casper, WY

Comment: I really dig your radio show

Name: Ariel

Location: La Center, WA

Comment: wow! love your world sound! keep turning me on with stuff I’ve never heard and stuff I waited too long to hear again...

Name:  Mark

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Comment:  Great station! ;)

Name: Maryann Stow

Location: Oneonta, NY (via WUOW)

Comment: I love it!!

Name:  Moosegurl

Location: Eau Claire, WI

Comment: I listen to undercurrents all the time....late at nite usually!! LOL I am a nite go figure! I absolutely luv the music they play!

Name: David

Location: Devil’s Lake, ND (via KABU)

Comment: Thanks for such wonderful, eclectic music

Name: Patty Redhair

Location:  Sorrento, Florida

Comment:  Love the music mix on Undercurrents!

Name:  Clark

Location: Smyrna, GA

Comment: Under the currents is cool

Name:  Beavergirl

Location: Swawano, WI (Minominee/Brothertown)

Comment:  Just looking for great internet radio, and found UnderCurrents. Groovy!

Name: K

Location: Salem, OR

Comment: Love this show! Great mix of old and new.

Name: Teresa

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Comment: Loyal listener of Undercurrents. Music that makes my brain work better.

Name: Doug & Ann

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Comment:  Undercurrents - a true friend of music

Name: Berta

Location: Flagstaff, AZ (via KUYI)

Comment: Undercurrents opens ones mind

Name: Chazman

Location: Jerome, AZ

Comment:  Love the mix, also enjoy being exposed to music not found many places. Thanx for putting so much effort in the way it is presented, it shows!

Name: Ariel

Location:  La Center, WA

Comment: Wow! love your world sound! keep turning me on with stuff I've never heard and stuff I waited too long to hear again...

Name: Mack

Location: Reno, Nv.

Comment: Power To The People!

Name:  Renee

Location:  Longview, WA

Comment: I am new to Undercurrents Radio, but am definitely a fan. Uniquely different mix of music!


Location: Anchorage, AK

Comment:  All afternoon Saturdays on 90.3 FM-KNBA. Soo Nice!

Name: Craig

Location: Nondalton, AK

Comment: Thank the Creator for the internet, and people like Gregg online Dena'Ina

Name: Tom Coryell

Location: Casper, WY

Comment: I really dig your radio show

More Letters...

Gregg...I love your station, I have 2 brothers & 3 cousins in Alaska who turned me onto KNBA and now I listen from here in New York State all the time thru my computer.....I have joined the station as a member to help keep this kind of programming available.......thanks alot for a great program & a great station from a fan 4,388 miles away...gotta love the internet!!......thanks alot....Dave Casey

    Dave:  Great to know you’re supporting KNBA: Alaska’s New Native Voice.  And of course, you can catch UnderCurrents via streaming every day & night right here at -- Gregg


Just a quick word or three to let you know all the shows are very, very much appreciated.  They're a great collection of styles, types, tempos, and times -- and all sanely mixed (at 99.9%, that's for the most part; we've all had our little "train wreck" segues)  : )     Just goes to prove an old favorite soapbox point:  any music can go with any other music -- if you know what you're doing and how to get there.

So, again, thanks for really knowing what you're doing and helping us all get there! (Thanks, too, for going fairly light on the Rap stuff:  bless you!) 

I've run into lots of great music from your shows, and continue to enjoy exploring today's music,  music that's new to me, the experimental tunes, the intriguing Native American cuts, along with some gourmet treats from the past. (Where the heck did that expression "back in the day" come from, anyway?)  Arlo Guthrie (thanks for "The Pause of Mr. Claus" which aired lately -- hadn't heard that one since forever ago.  Hope you didn't catch any baloney about that one -- it was an amazing little time travel trip).

Oddly enough, I also find myself enjoying almost all of the country / roots / bluegrass music too.  There are always so may nice surprises on every show.  Once more:  thanks for the oxygen!

First ran into your programs on a local PBS station (KOPB in Portland, OR), and was really gassed to be able to be able to bring in the shows at my computer.  Now, there's a grander pool of music available, rather than an hour or two here and there.  

Only problem is I've not yet figured how to be mobile and still have UnderCurrents along with me.  If you ever start offering the implant chips and thermal power source packages, please let me know.  There are few enough fine things to sign up for as there is.


Alex in Oregon

P.S.  What's a good, solid, fanatical-fan letter without a shopping list of suggestions?

Leon Redbone is always appreciated, as are / would be: Savoy Brown, Ten Years After, Cream, Canned Heat, Quicksilver Messenger Service (thanks for a part of the "Who do you love" suite the other day...), Iron Butterfly [anyone?], Asleep at the Wheel, Lyle Lovett, CSNY (together and/or separately), Joni Mitchell, Ricky Lee Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Youngbloods, Beatles  (together and/or separately)  (... and the list goes on and on and on...)




I miss you on Earth Songs so glad I found where you had moved to Undercurrents.

Keep up the outstanding work I love your style and musical choices.

meegwetch, pilamiya -- Jim Adams

Dear Gregg

I was driving through Hopi about a year ago listening to 88.1 Hopi,

following my wife (Navajo) home to crownpoint and wrote UnderCurrents

down as a station to download when I got home to Idaho. You are my

staple now. Amazon should give you a commission for the many CD"s I

have bought that you have turned me onto. Of all the radio stations I

can download, I listen to you exclusively, when you are on NV1.  I

believe you create your own reality! Listening to you every day is

heaven to me. play the best, and are a staple in my life.

Keep on rollin' You have my prayers.


Hi all -

I've become hooked on your program...good work. 

Best, Tom

Flagstaff AZ

Wow! Just heard you on KOPB in Portland. I was headed to bed early, and had to finish the show at 11, 2 hours later!!! I LOVE it. Thank you. -- Meryl

Hello Mr. McVicar,

Many-a kudos for your show.  I discovered it recently since

I've been home; and, I listen to it over KOPB on Friday evenings.

I spend 7-9months out of country working in ANTARCTICA at McMurdo

Station during the Winter (your Summer).

Aside from my professional gig down there, I have become

a DJ there over the past few seasons-doing (as able) 3

4-hr shows a week.  There are a few of us who put on live

broadcasts to save us poor saps from going loopy and because the

piped-in 24-hr AFRTS programming has alot to be desired & needs

to be freshened up with original DJ fare.

The brief exposure to your programme has spurred me to

find, study, and purchase new things to upgrade and enhance

my shows.  I'll be keeping an eye on your site and for

(at least) another month or so (before I go back to the Ice) I'll

have my ears on for more Undercurrents.

Thank You again & Cheers,

Mark Scowden

White Salmon, WA


Loved your show today...

Stay true to then music.


Robin in Portland

I was bummed when you left Earthsongs, but you are now vindicated in my

book, if I was going to do a music show I'd like to imagine it would be like

Undercurrents...keep up the good "work" ( I can't imagine anyone calling

this work me it's play) welcome back & thank you...

-- Craig / Anchorage

Hey Gregg,

Keep up the good work! Where else can one hear the likes of Mavis Staples and Blackfire, Duke Jordan and Charlie Louvin, The Band and Ruthie Foster, flowing from one to the other natural as can be? And thanks for introducing me to Lunar Drive, a band from my own backyard, sort of.  Thanks Again --- Matt Herrman

Dear Gregg;

    Undercurrents is an incredibly outstanding show. I especially appreciate the peace consciousness that weaves throughout the show as a gentle thread, always in the best artistic taste. I would never have heard "Light up your lighter" but for Undercurrents. I sleep but fitfully through the night due to illness, and I've got to tell you, your show is a great comfort. I frequently roll tape so I can listen to selected songs while fully awake later in the day. How weird it was (deja vu all over again) to hear Country Joe McDonald's "Support the Troops!"

    I hope that the 20 stations that currently air Undercurrents become 200, and then 2000. My "ISP" (inspiration service provider) is WOJB 88.9 FM, who broadcasts from Odaawa zaga 'iganing (the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation) in beautiful northern Wisconsin. In one week we went from 20 below zero, to three feet of new snow, to melt-off and the tapping of maple trees. Wouldn't trade it for anything. And WOJB is the icing on the cake.

    Note: WOJB will celebrate 25 years on the air at the end of this month. In the beginning, when they poured the slab that supports our 400 foot-tall tower on Larson Hill, a pair of moccasins was imbedded in the concrete. There is just something so right about putting down tobacco,  praying and feasting on important occasions.

    Mino bimaadiziwin (Live the good life.)

====>>JIM BAILEY<<====

Dear Gregg:

You have made me soo happy. I have recently discovered your program and am intoxicated and inspired by it for sure!  I am well traveled and through choices and life circumstances have ended up in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Wow, very different than the Pacific Northwest, where I spent previous 22 years... I suppose I don't have to tell you all this and why would you care? You don't even know me. However, I feel so connected when I listen to your shows that it literally gives me a soul and physical boost. I am extremely delighted to be able to access your complete playlists as there are many, many artists that I want to own music from and also some good old stuff that you never hear much anywhere else. Although there are many great qualities why I choose to move here, there is not yet much mind-opening music or higher awareness stuff here. So your station brings more of that to me. I also listen to NPR. These two stations are it for me.

It is truly phenomenal to have access to this good stuff you broadcast. I like the comments or things you say and you have a great calming voice. Anyway, the reason I can listen to you is through my local Native American Station KWRR 89.5...

We have the worlds largest mineral hotsprings here and it is beautiful land - one can definitely feel the spirit here. I am not getting streaming or DSL service so all this is special to me to be able to hear you guys. YOU AND UNDERCURRENTS RADIO ARE SUPER GREAT YEAHHHH!!!!!


Dear Gregg;

I am a truck driver, and I deliver bread up on the Nav Rez; Page, Kayenta and Tuba City. I listen to your program whenever it comes in through the night. I work from about 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM each day, and I enjoy your choice of music; in fact, I think it is probably the finest radio programming I have ever heard if you consider that it is trying to bridge multiple cultures.... Undercurrents is becoming  the sound of Northern AZ to me.



Hello, I had been listening to KUT radio in Austin, TX when Gregg  McVicar was doing Earthsongs.  Followed him to Undercurrents and  now listen online thru NV1 on the Internet.  Enjoy hearing all the Native American music, from War Party to John Trudell, Johnny Whitehorse,  Brule, etc.  Also, Ben Lee and Mana. Listen at night whenever possible.  Thanks for being there. 



I just wanted you to know that I spent a very memorable evening high above the Oak Creek Canyon in a very secluded moon lit camp site just outside Sedona and Flagstaff AZ. My wife , child and I spontaneously went on an overnight trip with friends and their family. All the campsites were full but we found the best campsite away from it all.

I inadvertently had forgotten my CD collection and was not looking forward to constantly changing the radio stations through annoying commercial spots and poorly planned playlists.

Then I luckily enough found 88.1 fm and it sounded good. Somewhat odd but that was a good thing. We relished in the sounds that were offered for 5 hours and we absolutely had the best time relaxing to your extremely thought-out and diverse playlist.

I just wanted to say Thank-You for making our small little getaway from the Phoenix Rat Race very enjoyable. I am now a loyal listener and so are the friends not only present last night but the audioholics that I have touted your station to.




I love listening to the sounds of UnderCurrents: meditative, substantial music with lots of heart and soul.  Van Morrison, Jackson Brown, Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan, Robert Mirabel, Ulali are some of my favorites... 

I listen from 11 pm to 1:00 a.m., sometimes later. When I'm late a for work, it's because I stayed up so late listening to UnderCurrents on KGHR.  

Thanks for providing this service. You do a great job each night!



G'day from Downunder (or on top depending on your perspective).  Just a quick note to let you know that we are listening to you programme in Adelaide South Australia.  Much of the mainstream music that you play is similar to or own community radio station Coast FM but we enjoy listening to your native flute and drums just as much.

Looking forward to further listening and exploring your website to get a better understanding of your culture

Pam and Chris


I’ve been up at night a lot lately and I really enjoy listening to Gregg McVicar’s UnderCurrents program.  Wow – he plays an unbelievable mixture with minimalist, informative comment!


I’m not sure how many night owls you have that provide feedback, but I thought that you’d like to know that in my opinion it beats WPR’s hours of repetitive BBC stories on world crises.





Greetings ....


I am a regular listener, out of Hanford California listening to your station on the internet. I am Yaqui/Apache. Congratulations on your ONE YEAR!!! I enjoy your music, keep up the good work for all the peoples.





We are listeners from Northern Wisconsin who love your show...Thank you so much for your great programming, you make our lives a lot better.


Toben and Brenda


Hey Gregg,

How ya doing!? I'm listening to your broadcast and I enjoy the diversity that you have!


Internet Listener


I try to listen to UnderCurrents every opportunity that I can.  Many of the selections make me feel connected.




Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback.  We’ll be checking our email with hopes of hearing from you!

-- Gregg



Thank you friends, keep those letters & posts coming! -- Gregg

Gregg and crew: thanks for another great show. I drive a taxi in Iowa city and i can't wait til midnight and another undercurrents. I go home every night with a smile on my face and then i spend my tips downloading the tunes i heard on your show. -- Adam

Discovered your show on WUCF in Orlando, FL.  I’m hooked.   Thank you and keep up the good tunes! --  Kat

undercurrents is water to my soul -- Michael

Listening to you on Jefferson Public Radio.  You are the best on the planet……..great music tonight!!!  Sincerely, --  Gary

This radio show is like 'sunshine' to me!!! -- Marjo

Once again Gregg, you found a gem...thanks!! -- Laura

The best thing about UnderCurrents is unpredictability in the music y'all choose. I love it. -- Cynthia

.....I am a sustaining member of public radio and have CCed my new local station featuring your program so that they know I enjoy it. Thanks! -- Janet

Thanks for helping me deal with my insomnia lately. Listening to you on KSER. I love the variety - old favs and great music I might not have ever heard otherwise. I love it.-- John

One of my first times listening to your show was Thursday evening -
I heard Hot Tuna, Native American Flute, and Jimi Hendrix in the same half hour.
I am totally hooked...!  Oshana

Love your show, always astounding music. - Buzz

Loving what i'm hearing!! I'm very honored to have the opportunity to listen to your wonderful station! Keep up the great work! - Michel

One of the best radio shows I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Undercurrents delivers day after day. What a treat! - Alvin

My wife and I work 2nd shift, we listen to you every night, sometimes end up staying up very late because we can't turn it off! Love your show!

awe inspiring music, so very blessed to have found you on WITH in Ithaca, New York. Public Radio Rocks!!! --  Sharon

Love, love love love UnderCurrents! I've been listening to you wherever I happen to be in the USA on WEMU streaming in on my computer. (Most recently from a mountain in Washington State.)
I just did the 3,000 mile drive to move back to North Carolina (I'm on an island now beside the sea!) and every night, exhausted from the drive and needing sleep for the next day, I grabbed my netbook, clicked on EMU & UnderCurrents and was able to release the day's efforts and slide into the lovely bliss of the music you spin for us every night, Gregg (and entire team.)
You make home anywhere I happen to be. ---  Jacalyn

Listening to UnderCurrents on 89.1 WEMU here in the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area. I am so happy I found this show, it makes my drive home from work at 11pm so much more tolerable.---Tori

I just emailed Gregg a question about a song and, to my surprise and delight, he emailed me right back with some helpful information. Great way to run a music program -- and build a community! Kudos, Gregg!---Deece

I just discovered Undercurrents and am in heaven.  I feel as if you are tied directly into my particular music tastes. .......Your playlists pick up the auditory sections of my brain and find music there that I didn’t know I love.  I am so grateful to you.---Barbara


This afternoon while driving I happened to turn on the radio and was immediately bedazzled by the mix of music you put together. The music really resonated with me and I felt so refreshed and alive. Thats what music should do. Thank you.---Cari

Greg, thank you for the awesome music on these dallas airwaves....refreshing !---Montemayor

Your program just keeps getting better all the time, Greg! Nothing else comes close here in Northern Arizona---David

Thanks, Gregg!

What amazing playlists you create for us - cannot get enough of this UnderCurrents feeling.. extending my admiration and thank yous out to you---Jacalyn

Listening to you on KNBA in Anchorage, AK and you are jammin' the cold right out of my bones today! Lovin' it!---Gabe