What was that song?

The searchable system is back.  Here are .pdf files of the ones that were missed:

6/11/15 ~ UC3553

6/12/15 ~ UC3554

6/13/15 ~ UC3555

6/14/15 ~ UC3556

6/15/15 ~ UC3557

6/16/15 ~ UC3558

6/17/15 ~ UC3559

6/18/15 ~ UC3560

6/19/15 onward >>>

Maybe you heard a particular show number and wish to find just that particular one...easy!  The calendar is your key, linking an air date to the number we announce at the end of each hour. 

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

Check back for the latest version as we sometime make schedule changes mid-month.

Keep in mind that sometimes the show starts the day prior and rolls-on past midnight into the next day.  So if you don’t see the song you’re looking for, just look back one day earlier and it may well be there.  If you still can’t find it, just write us

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