We hand-pick music for you every day, blending it with loving care.

UnderCurrents is a daily, 4-hour music mix heard around the USA and the world via Native Voice One: The Native American Radio Network.  We began as a service to enhance and extend the offerings of Native stations, of which there are dozens.  But the show has caught the ear of music lovers everywhere and is now heard on 170 stations, in Alaska, the Redwoods, The Southwest, Texas, The Deep South, Great Lakes, Plains and Rockies; from the big cities to cozy villages we're there...even in Guam and New Zealand!  UnderCurrents brings together music fans across borders, cultures and generations.

Host Gregg McVicar (Tlingit) is an award-winning radio producer with a deep background in all aspects of on-air life: journalism, documentaries, interviewing, field recording, digital editing & mixing, voiceover, live talk shows...and of course, music.  Gregg and crew attend a lot of music festivals!

He began his radio career in college radio (KHSU) where the very first program committee met on his waterbed and designed the station's format. He honed his DJ chops in rural markets like Arcata and Mendocino, then moved up to major market air gigs in Sacramento, Los Angeles and The Bay Area, working on air at stations while freelancing for NPR, Pacifica, CBC and others.   All along the way, he's been collecting music, meeting artists, teaching, learning, sharing and enjoying the creative playground of noncommercial radio.

Associate Producer Gabriela Castelan has a great ear for music and she serves as the studio Chef, continually tasting new music for possible inclusion in the mix.  She also makes sure the playlists are available to you each day here on this website and on Twitter.

You may have heard her on KBBF, KQED, California Public Radio, KPFA, Pacifica or as the new co-host of UnderCurrents WEEKEND.  And you'll find her at the farmer's market once or twice weekly.

Assistant Producer Christina Aanestad is a radio pro who also came out of rural community radio. She loves to travel and now hosts news on KPFA/Pacifica while working behind the scenes at RadioCamp to edit and distribute each day's program.

We are living, breathing folks who care about music as much as you do.  We are not robots...


Image:  Diné band Sihasin photographed by Gregg McVicar