Over the years, we've deployed a number of different playlist systems, each a little bit better than the last.  And to meet the needs and expectations of you, the fans, we've added the ability to search by date, by artist, or by unique program number.  But it's still been complicated; stations have different schedules, folks are in different time zones and our show numbering system does connect with the the national RSS feed (that appears in the playlist widget).

But now with the new website we have new tools that we believe will help simplify the finding and sharing of UnderCurrents playlists!  Here's how it works:

1) We will post a new playlist each day here on this blog so you can just scan the titles for the playlist number you are seeking.  There is is!  Just click on the bold title to open the full playlist.

Or, if you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our blog feed and have it come to you daily.

2)  If you follow us on Twitter you will receive the playlists daily and they will also collect on our Twitter home page @onUnderCurrents,

3) Finally, you may continue using the searchable database on the playlist page.  This is a national feed from NPR Digital Services which sometimes gets overloaded and doesn't always work properly.  But it is another powerful tool, especially when you want it to search by date, song or artist (though it cannot search by show number).

We hope that having each day's playlist readily available to you via Blog or Twitter will make it easier and more fun for you to explore and share the music you love!

Thank you and please share your suggestions for further improvements.