You’re judged by the company you keep, as are we.  

We invite you to team-up with UnderCurrents to speak directly to our diverse and engaged audience of music fans.

UnderCurrents is 100% commercial-free and listeners love that about us.  But we do partner with public and private sponsors who buy neutral, 20-second “underwriting messages” announced by the host mid-hour. Uncluttered and free from tune-out, this is an effective way to connect with the community while creating a positive “halo effect” for your brand.  And you’re helping expand the available universe of quality, independent music.

Here’s an example:  “Support for UnderCurrents comes from Lake Street Dive, on tour now with a new album Side Pony.  Lake Street Dive mixes blues inspired, soulful rock and roll with contemporary country twang.  More information at”

More about us: UnderCurrents is a 4-hour daily show, a leading radio source of contemporary American and Native American music.  We’re on 170+ stations now and connect with music lovers via terrestrial radio, streaming and social media.  From urban centers like Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Minneapolis, Anchorage and Orlando to rural areas throughout the U.S., UnderCurrents is a trusted friend — in cars, homes and workplaces.

UnderCurrents is inclusive with plenty of cultural cross-pollination, where people of all walks can feel right at home.  And we attract fans of all ages:  younger listeners discover what came before and older listeners become attuned to what’s next.  This snapshot of our Facebook followers illustrates: 


UC FB April 2017


Listener Comments:

I just heard Let's Get Together by someone I didn't know ever did a recording of it, and a couple tunes later now I'm listening to Jack White and I love this. Thanks so much for your exceptional programing!  

I feel like I'm listening to music with integrity and honesty, and that undercurrents really cares. It feels genuine and personal.

UnderCurrents is the best radio, love it for all the diversity

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