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Episode 238 is an encore edition of UCW 230 - "Summer Acoustic"  << listen >>


Link Wray &amp; His Raymen

Link Wray & His Raymen

Episode 237 - Rumble

Rumble thundered with power chords that shook radio and inspired young bands like Aerosmith and The Who.  Shawnee guitarist Link Wray is among the artists featured in the new film Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World.  Gregg sees the film and interviews the Executive Producer, guitarist Stevie Salas (Apache).  We also meet John Trudell’s successor in the campaign to rebuild a hemp industry on tribal lands.  Gabriela invents some powerful basil guacamole — as we spin new music from Robert Plant, Dhani Harrison, Morgan Saint, The National, Randy Newman…and more.  Music, food, friends — it’s UnderCurrents WEEKEND!     << listen >>

Basil Guacamole


finely chopped fresh basil - 1/4 cup

finely chopped seeded and peeled cucumber - 1/2 cup

finely chopped cilantro - 1/4 cup

minced garlic and onion - 1/8 cup

green tomatillo green salsa - 1/2 cup

3 small to medium avocados

juice of two lemons with seeds removed

salt & pepper to taste


Combine basil, cucumber, cilantro and garlic/onion - mix evenly

Add tomatillo green salsa - stir ingredients 

Peel and mash avocados and mix with lemon juice

Add salt & pepper to taste

Serve with tortilla chips


Episode 236 - Untitled

Meet The Villalobos Brothers. As kids in Mexico, they practiced 4 hours each day BEFORE school, then attended music classes AFTER school. Their first USA gig was at Carnegie Hall. We'll have a hurricane music mix and new music from Twin Flames, Jonny Lang, Joe Craven & The Sometimers, Carl Broemel, Alice Merton, North Mississippi Allstars, and more!  There's no one particular theme this week -- thus it's "Untitled."  What does it all mean to you?

The Villalobos Brothers

The Villalobos Brothers



episode 235 is an encore of UCW 034: Labor day / End of summer

Photo Credit: Gregg McVicar, 2017

Photo Credit: Gregg McVicar, 2017



Episode 234 - A People's Journey

We visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the newest Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Co-Hosts Gregg & Gabriela interview attendees who have traveled long distances with family and friends to discover their past and celebrate their people's accomplishments. In Hour 1, we visit the museum accompanied by a thematic music mix.  Hour 2 continues with a celebration of travel and it's broadening effect on the mind. We'll meet Travel Guru Rick Steves, and spin new music from Morgan Saint, Bruce Cockburn, Susie Wilkins, Mosqitos, Blind Boys of Alabama, and more.   Topical links: 1, 2, 3 





Episode 233 is an encore of North Star/Southern Cross (Guam)


Episode 232 -- Collecting

We meet collectors of all kinds:  Native Recording Artist Martha Redbone is collecting family coal mining stories for a play, Roots DJ Doug Hillyard fires-up his hand-crank Victrola and shares a collection of 78's, and a man committed to reducing his waste footprint fashions a plastic suit out of all the trash he's created in one month (120lbs).  All this and new music from Carl Broemel, Manchester Orchestra, Randy Newman, Willie Nile, Dan Auerbach and more!   << listen >>

The TrashMan wears his personal garbage from one month of ordinary life. &nbsp;Photo: Gregg McVicar

The TrashMan wears his personal garbage from one month of ordinary life.  Photo: Gregg McVicar


Episode 231 - Path of Totality

What's it like to live on a small Oregon reservation where 100K people will converge to see the total eclipse of the sun?  Gregg talks with a friend there, right in the "path of totality."  Gabriela interviews Native artist Bear Fox and the Patagonia band Fémina.  Dining with friends outside under the trees -- and new music from The Isley Brothers & Santana, Jerry Douglas, Hattie Craven, Steve Winwood, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Slightly Stoopid...and more!  Music, Food, Friends: It's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.

<< Listen >> 

Warm Springs Indian Reservation is just NW of Madras, directly on the central line of the Total Solar Eclipse: Path of Totality.

Warm Springs Indian Reservation is just NW of Madras, directly on the central line of the Total Solar Eclipse: Path of Totality.


Episode 230 - Summer Acoustic

Co-Hosts Gregg McVicar & Gabriela Castelán interview acoustic musicians Raye Zaragoza and Joe Craven. Gabriela harvests tomatillos and chard from her garden. And we explore new music from Thomas Dybdal, Sufjan Stevens, Fémina, Zion I Kings, Lila Downs, Fantastic Negrito, Everything Is Recorded, Grant Green and more... Music, food, friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND! 

<< listen >>


Episode 229 is an encore of Episode 224 - Summer of Love  <<listen>>

Episode 228 - Find Your Path

Gregg & Gabriela meet a protester, a professional dog groomer, a soul singer and an Iranian musician.  Each has found their own path.  We'll meet them all in a spirited mix of new music from Isley Brothers & Santana, ZZ Ward, Fleet Foxes, Old Crow Medicine Show, Sonny Landreth, Lila Downs, Van Williams, Twin Flames and more...  

<< listen >> 




Episode 227 - Summer Groove

Gregg & Gabriela get out and meet some cool bands: Dirty Revival and New Orleans Suspects. Binging on fresh fruit and Danish TV. And new music from Chicano Batman, ZZ Ward, Wolf Alice, Julia Michaels...and more. Music, food, friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND!  

<< listen >>

Photo Credit: &nbsp;Gregg McVicar

Photo Credit:  Gregg McVicar


Episode 226 - TajMo'ments

Gregg & Gabriela chat backstage with Taj Mahal and 'Keb'Mo. Gregg meets an organic pig farmer. And we'll spin new music from Fleet Foxes, Thomas Dybdahl, Havana Maestros, Dan Auerbach, BNQT, Washed Out, Micki Free, Cage The Elephant...and more. << LISTEN >>

Music, Food, Friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.



Episode 225 - Stay Cool!

Co-Hosts Gregg & Gabriela beat the summer heat with a chill mix of new music and some road-trip favorites.  Gregg chats backstage with recording artists Rodney Crowell and Elephant Revival.  Also, Gabriela's fresh pesto and the Netflix tip of the week.  Music, food, friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.  << listen >>

Elephant Revival @ The Strawberry Music Festival - Photo: Gregg McVicar

Elephant Revival @ The Strawberry Music Festival - Photo: Gregg McVicar

Gabriela's Fresh Pesto Sauce


Large bunch of fresh basil

1/4 cup pine nuts

3 large garlic cloves

1/4 onion 

olive oil - 2 TBS

Grindabove ingredients in this order in Food Processor

Sauce can be used for Pizza sauce, Pasta sauce or spread on toasted sourdough bread.


Episode 224 - Summer of Love

Remembering the 1967 Summer of Love, featuring Allen Cohen, publisher of the Haight Ashbury psychedelic newspaper The Oracle.  Also, Artist Annie Cohen and visitors to the deYoung Museum exhibit "Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll."  Mixed by Gregg McVicar with music and radio from 1967, it's a sonic extravaganza! << listen >>  More info - Video

GELATIN SILVER PRINT - "Hugging and Dancing, Summer Solstice, Golden Gate Park, 1967." &nbsp;ELAINE MAYES (B. 1936) &nbsp;

GELATIN SILVER PRINT - "Hugging and Dancing, Summer Solstice, Golden Gate Park, 1967."  ELAINE MAYES (B. 1936)  




Episode 223 is a repeat of Episode 213 (Passion for Music!) << listen >>


Episode 222 - The Bee's Knees  

It's festival season and Gregg & Gabriela are out mixing with music fans and artists, like Sarah Jarosz and Marcia Ball, both interviewed in this episode. Gabriela fires-up her portable solar oven. Then beekeepers will help us understand how these marvelous insects perceive color, and why it matters. All this and new music from Elise LeGrow, Electric Guest, Caravan Palace, Muse, The Head and The Heart, Zion I Kings and selections from the new Sergeant Peppers remix... Music, food, friends: It's UnderCurrents WEEKEND!  << listen >>


Episode 221(Nerds of All Ages) is a repeat of Episode 214  << Listen >>


Episode 220 - Spin!

In Hr 1, Gregg & Gabriela take you to The Amgen Tour of California for all the excitement of world-class cycling a fun music mix to go with it. Along the way we encounter teens on the way to prom.  Then in Hr 2 we'll visit two record shops to learn more about vinyl and dig deep into our own collections to spin nothing-but-LPs for the whole hour. Join us!  << listen >>


Episode 219 - Culture Beat

Gregg & Gabriela attend Tlingit/Haida Culture Day. Then in Hour 2, they hit the local street party and meet a salsa band leader and an inventor of an antique-style typewriter keyboard with Bluetooth. All this an new music from Offa Rex, Perfume Genius, Gorillaz, Chris Stapleton, Hajik, Ray Davies, and more...


Episode 218 - Hoofing It

Gabriela encounters a Peruvian goat herder, clearing weeds in the neighborhood. Outdoor protests abound, and we discover a cycle-powered sound system at one such gathering. Gabriela shares a quick meal invention, and Gregg explores new music from Hajik, Dan Auerbach, Tennis, The Mastersons, Vintage#18...and more.  Music, Food, Friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND!


Episode 217 (Wipeout!) is a repeat of Episode 045

Episode 216 - Earth Day!

Co-Hosts Gregg McVicar & Gabriela Castelán take a mic out on the street to ask people what they're doing to take care of planet. In Hour 2 we learn the difference between crows and ravens! It's an Earth Day Special with lots of topical tunes plus new music from Somi, Hajik and San Fermin. Music, food,'s UnderCurrents WEEKEND!


Episode 215 - Coffee!

We meet the expansive East LA band Las Cafeteras on the weekend of their new album release "Tastes Like LA." Then Gabriela interviews a group of friends who have been gathering weekly at a coffee shop for over a decade. Gregg demonstrates his methodical approach to making coffee. All this an new music from Hite, San Fermin, Somi, and Levi Platero. Music, Food, Friends!


Las Cafeteras

Las Cafeteras

Credit: Gregg McVicar

Credit: Gregg McVicar


Episode 214 - Nerds of All Ages

Gregg & Gabriela party with high-end tech nerds and discover their passion for life and challenging work.  Gabriela bakes a delicious veggie pie (recipe) -- and we spin new music from Tennis, Lorde, Vanessa Peters, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Valerie June, TajMo...and more.  Here are Dan's links: Twitter -- Podcast  Not so sure about AI?  Here's another viewpoint -- fuel for a weekend discussion with friends.

Photo Credit: Gregg McVicar

Photo Credit: Gregg McVicar



Episode 213 - Passion for Music!

Co-Hosts Gregg McVicar & Gabriela Castelán serve-up a sublime weekend mix of new and iconic songs. And we meet the guy who built the very first sound system at the Fillmore Auditorium...out of stolen parts! We'll also meet folks from the harp scene.  Then in Hour 2 we meet Gabriela Quintero of the duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela. She tells how they forged their sound, busking for coins on the streets of Europe. And today how today they stay healthy with yoga and bins of ice. Music, food, friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND!

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Y Gabriela



Episode 211 is a rerun of Episode 204: Pura Vida!

Episode 210 - Gospel Truth

Gregg and Gabriela explore the local gospel scene and Gabriela makes a delicious berry pie. In Hr2, Gregg hangs with his DJ friend Sandy Miranda and she shares her favorite world music picks. Food, friends, music -- it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND!  Links:  Gospel Directory -- Sandy Miranda's One World Radio

Blueberry Open Face Gluten & Dairy Free Pie


1 cup almond flour

1/2 cup gluten free flour

Olive Oil (arbequina works well for baking) - 1/4 cup

Ice Water - 1/4 to 1/2 cup

Frozen blueberries - 1 and 1/2 lbs fresh or frozen

Arrow Root Powder - 1 TBS


Preheat oven to 350 degres

Mix Almond flour and gluten-free flour in bowl

Add olive oil and work in

Add Ice Water and work in

Prepare glass Pyrex pie pan by spraying with oil

When you can form a ball with dough,

Pat into glass Pyrex pie pan - don’t try to roll

Mix berries with Arrow Root Powder and put in pie pan

Place pie on center rack

Cover with tented aluminum foil sheet

Bake for about an hour

Remove from oven and let sit for half hour at least

Serve warm or cold with Coco Whip




Episode 209 - Spring Forward

The days are getting longer and kids are coming out of the woodwork! We take a stroll through the park to hear what's going on.

Then in Hour 2, Gregg & Gabriela meet an international expert on electric vehicles. He says over the next few years it'll be 'goodbye gasoline.' All this and oodles of music. Spring forward with us into the season and into the future with UnderCurrents WEEKEND!

Photo credit: Gregg McVicar

Photo credit: Gregg McVicar


Episode 208 is a repeat of Episode 043: UNWIND


Episode 207 - LET'S DANCE!

This week Co-Hosts Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelán take a dance class from a Golden State Warriors dance coach — we spin new music & some old favorites — and Gabriela makes a simple and wonderful chicken stew. In hour 2, the music mix continues with a trip to Austin for an exclusive recording of John Trudell & Bad Dog performing in Spring of 2015. These recordings have never before been broadcast and we know that you'll be transfixed. Music, food, friends ~ it’s UnderCurrents WEEKEND.   Dance Team Videos        Chicken Stew Recipe


Episode 206 - BE MINE!/Grammy® Picks

In celebration of Valentine's Day, for the first hour, Co-Hosts Gregg & Gabriela ask regular folks  "what does it take to have a good relationship...and keep it going?"  Mixed with music to make hearts beat just a little faster.  Then in Hour 2, we'll spin some of our favorite tracks that are nominated for Grammy® awards.  Music, Food, Friends (and Lovers)'s UnderCurrents WEEKEND.


Episode 205 PURA VIDA II

Gregg & Gabriela continue their sonic adventures in beautiful Costa Rica where you'll meet locals & ex-pats at work and at play. All this and lots of great music from Fat Freddy's Drop, Rag 'n' Bone Man, Cary Morin, Joni Mitchell, House of Waters...and more.  Music, Food, Friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND! 

Photos by Gregg McVicar & Gabriela Castelán



Episode 204 PURA VIDA!

Gregg & Gabriela pack their microphones and head for the sunny beaches of Costa Rica! We’ll meet a local fishermen, a world traveler, a beach vendor, paragliders, a local musician and hear recordings of the tropical forest. Plus new music from Flaming Lips, Spoon, Seth Walker, and Justin Hurwitz (La La Land).

Credit: Gregg McVicar

Credit: Gregg McVicar


Episode 203 is a Rerun of  #28 (WorldFest!)

Episode 202 is a rerun of #30 (Outside Lands)


2017 Episode 201 - Postcards from 2016

A hunter builds his dream man-cave, a risk-averse rock climber, a professional dog photographer, a traveler riding the rails, another in search of Pokeman critters. Gregg & Gabriela revisit some of their favorite interviews of 2016. All this and a great music mix. Music, Food, Friends -- it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.

Photo: Gregg McVicar

Photo: Gregg McVicar


Episode 51 is a reun of Episode 45: Wipeout!


Episode 50: Stay Warm!

Gregg & Gabriela take to the streets for cold-weather dressing tips then gather instant reviews on Star Wars: Rogue One from fans leaving the theater. All this and a mix of music with a chill holiday vibe.


Episode 49: 2016 Album Picks

Co-Hosts Gregg McVicar & Gabriela Castelán pick their favorite albums of 2016. In Hour 2, Special Correspondent Christina Aanestad reports back from The Emerald Cup cannabis competition and we take the microphone out for a holiday stroll, meeting folks around San Francisco's Embarcadero. Music, Food, Friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.


Episode 48: Hand Made!

Co-Hosts Gregg & Gabriela discover the appeal of domestic hand-made products. We review Tracy Ullman's Show (HBO, BBC) and bring to light an archival interview with beloved Mohawk Singer/Songwriter Bill Miller. Also, Gabriela makes traditional tomales for the holidays. We pull it all together with new music from Darling West, Gillian Welch, Kings of Leon, Snarky Puppy, Kenny White, Micah Huang, Soren Juul, Robert Earl Keen and more...

Red Chile Chicken Tamales and green Chile & Cheese Veggie Tamales


Kitchen Essentials - large steaming pot. Tool for removing tamales when hot


Buy two packages of corn husks for tamales - separate and soak a little more than you’ll need in very hot water until needed


Ingredients for 20 Red Chile Tamales

A whole chicken - preferably skinned

1 large Onion, 6 cloves Garlic

Powdered Red Chile from New Mexico : one packet hot, one packet mild

Seasoning to taste: salt


Ingredients for Masa for Red Chile Tamales

4 cups Masa Harina

1 cup butter (two sticks salted)

broth from cooked chicken


Ingredients for 20 Green Chile Cheese Veggie Tamales

One large can Ortega whole Green Chiles 

Cotija Cheese - 1 and 1/2 packages


Ingredients for Masa for Green Chile & Cheese Tamales

4 cups Masa Harina

1 cup butter (two sticks salted)

broth made of 3 vegetable bouillon cubes combined with 6 cups hot water



Cook 5 to 6 pound chicken in water on its breast - water should come to its back.

Add sliced onion and garlic.  When chicken is done, remove breast meat and shred

Add two cups at least of hot chicken broth to big skillet. Mix red chile powder until it is dissipated- add chicken - the chicken should soak up the liquid and be reddish

For veggie tamales open can of Green Chiles, halve chiles lengthwise

Slice Cotija cheese into 20 pieces

For both kinds - use an upright mixer to blend masa marina with butter - about 15 minutes - then gradually add liquid (chicken broth from cooked chicken for chicken tamales and veggie broth for green chile cheese tamales)  Do not add all the broth

Keep mixing for 30 minutes adding broth gradually until masa comes off the side easily but does not stick to your finger.  Mix for longer than you think necessary.

When masa is ready, take a corn husk and hold it in your hand - cup the curved part of the husk in your palm.  With your other hand press an oval of masa into the husk - leave space around the masa. Put two tablespoons of chicken or one half chile with slice of cheese next to it.  Then wrap tamale - and tie off both ends with strips of soaked corn husks - use the ones that look strongest and knot.

Get water boiling while you finish the 20 tamales.  

Lay the tamales lengthwise on the steamer - they should not come in contact with the water - you will need to add water during the 1 and 1/2 to 2 hour cooking so a steamer pot with a removable steamer top is best type to use. Layer the tamales lengthwise in steamer, leaving space between them - leave a small one up top for tasting for doneness.

Once water is boiling in steamer turn to medium and steam for up to 2 hours.  When sample tamale is done - it should come away from the husk easily and masa will be cooked - take tamales out - enjoy them if you are serving them that evening. If you are freezing them, cool on a baking sheet and then put ten of them per freezer bag - suck the air out with a straw and freeze. When ready to serve - remove from freezer bags and place frozen tamales as you did when cooking them lengthwise in steamer.



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Episode 47: Poster Art!

Hosts Gregg & Gabriela visit a major poster art exhibition and speak with prominent international poster artists. Gabriela whips-up a garden fresh quiche and we review the comedy series Jane The Virgin. All this and new music from Shovels & Rope, House of Waters, Esperanza Spalding, Drive-By Truckers, Julian Taylor Band, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Soren Juul, Bon Iver, and more.

Music, food, friends, it's UnderCurrents WEEKEND.  Poster Artist links: 1  2  



Gabriela's Veggi Pie Recipie


for pie:

2 tbs olive oil

One small eggplant

one small onion

one clove elephant garlic

one medium red pepper

six leaves of kale

two small zucchini

six shiitake mushrooms

2 eggs

1 and 1/2 cups half & half or milk

four thick bread-size slices of swiss cheese

salt & pepper to taste

herbs of province


for crust:

1 and 1/2 cups flour

1/2 stick of salted butter

ice water



Make the crust first.  Fill a glass with ice and cold water.  Melt the butter and disperse with a fork evenly into flour.  Should look like course cornmeal when dispersed evenly.  Gradually add water until you can form a ball that doesn’t stick to your hand.  Roll out if possible or pat into a glass pyrex pie pan.  Set aside


Cut up veggies.  

Dice onion and garlic, thinly slice mushrooms, cut kale leaves in 2 inch pieces and the rest can be cut into 1/2 cubed pieces (no need for precision). 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees 

Heat large pan, when hot add oil.  

Sauté veggies. Start with eggplant, then add onion and garlic, then red pepper - keep stirring with preferably wood spoon or spatula for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Add kale, zucchini and mushrooms.

Sauté while stirring so veggies don’t stick to pan - add more oil if necessary


In a spouted bowl break eggs whisk with milk or half & half and add herbs and salt and pepper


When veggies are read - not completely cooked but nicely sautéed - put them in the pie crust.

Pour egg, milk, herb mixture over

Top with thick slices of swiss cheese 


Put in oven on center rack and bake for 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on your oven.  Liquid should be absorbed, crust and top browned when ready

Enjoy with family and friends


Episode 46: Gratitude

Co-Hosts Gregg & Gabriela face the holiday/post-election blues head-on with a big dose of gratitude for the good things in life. Gabriela makes a surprise discovery at the local library, Gregg improvises something delicious in the kitchen and they review the Netflix series "Black Mirror." We celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Last Waltz and spin new music from Kate Bush, The Sachal Ensemble, Radiohead, Snarky Puppy, David Crosby, Nora Jones and more...

Episode 45: Wipeout!

We escape the political madness with a quick camping trip to the beach where we interview local surfers and long-distance bicyclists (Canada - Mexico). Also, new music from Neil Young, Sting, Nick Murphy, Passenger, The Rolling Stones, Warpaint, and more... 

Follow the adventures of cyclists Rebecca and Nathan here and here.  Follow India/Himalayan trekker John here.  Ming Way mentioned the movie Blue Crush and her friend's video website is

Photos by: Gregg McVicar and Gabriela Castelán


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