Link Wray and The Wraymen

Link Wray and The Wraymen

Rumble thundered with power chords that shook radio and inspired young bands like Aerosmith and The Who.  Shawnee guitarist Link Wray is among the artists featured in the new film Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World.  Gregg sees the film and interviews the Executive Producer, guitarist Stevie Salas (Apache).  We also meet John Trudell’s successor in the campaign to rebuild a hemp industry on tribal lands.  Gabriela invents some powerful basil guacamole — as we spin new music from Robert Plant, Dhani Harrison, Morgan Saint, The National, Randy Newman…and more.  Music, food, friends — it’s UnderCurrents WEEKEND!     << listen >>

The film is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.    <more>


Basil Guacamole


finely chopped fresh basil - 1/4 cup

finely chopped seeded and peeled cucumber - 1/2 cup

finely chopped cilantro - 1/4 cup

minced garlic and onion - 1/8 cup

green tomatillo green salsa - 1/2 cup

3 small to medium avocados

juice of two lemons with seeds removed

salt & pepper to taste


Combine basil, cucumber, cilantro and garlic/onion - mix evenly

Add tomatillo green salsa - stir ingredients 

Peel and mash avocados and mix with lemon juice

Add salt & pepper to taste

Serve with tortilla chips